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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is in high demand and for good reason. Online search engines have stolen the yellow pages thunder as the number one source for consumers looking for products or services they need. If your website doesn’t rank highly there is probably a good chance that you rely on other more traditional forms of advertising or repeat/referral business to survive. We ensure our clients don’t left behind by the growth of the digital world but instead thrive in it by displaying their business prominently for hundreds of keywords consumers use to find the exact products and/or services they offer.

It’s a pretty simple formula… more visibility = more traffic =  more potential customers = more sales. However SEO can be a minefield for Australian business owners with literally hundreds of people contacting them every year claiming to work for the best SEO company Australia has, yet the damning truth is that 95% of SEO companies are rank amateurs who use severely outdated methods, rely too heavily on building backlinks and have no real client management structure.

The 5% of SEO professionals who know what they are doing will incorporate a multitude of methods into a clients campaign and be continually learning, testing and adapting work on a clients campaign. They will be including management of a clients blog, social media accounts and online reputation as part of a campaign because they know SEO is not about buying your way to the top, but about earning it naturally through great content and showcasing yourself as a trusted expert in your industry.

Content SME takes a consultative approach to our clients from day one so that there is a mutual, greater understanding of how our respective business work and operate. This enables us to better optimise your website for the keywords most likely to drive heavy traffic to your website for the products or services you want to sell more of whilst understanding how we achieved that for you with the investment you made for your company.

Onpage SEO, offpage SEO, backlinks etc etc, the usual sales pitch of the SEO amateur who has never actually personally done any of the SEO work he’s sold… how about hang up the phone and speak with an SEO Consultant who’ll introduce you to how Schema Markup can raise click through rates 100%+ and boost your google local ranking 10+ positions overnight?

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