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Understanding how to allocate a suitable and effective budget

SEO Packages Sydney & Australia

When considering SEO or SEO packages it is important to know how to determine an appropriate budget and understand how that budget is then utilized to achieve improved search engine visibility. When sourcing SEO Services from Content SME you are essentially purchasing the manpower of our in-house team to work towards improving your search visibility and keyword rankings. Obviously the higher your budget the more hours our team can allocate to your campaign and thus allow us to effectively target more keywords and keyword groups.

What kind of work does our team do during these hours, the most common tasks are content writing, web maintenance or outreach to our partners, contacts and third parties to acquire relevant, high quality backlinks for your website. So as a rule of thumb the more you invest in your SEO the more you will get out of it and you should consider factors such as level of competition and locality, your business size, the amount of products or services you offer etc. Our consultants will be able to discuss with you appropriate budgets and we are always able to tailor an SEO package together for any budget level that gets results. The below are a mere guideline of pricing as quoting SEO packages can be a bit like answering how long is a piece of string – there are many unique factors to consider in each individual case. Hence many of our clients are in custom arranged campaign pricing.

Looking At SEO Packages Sydney



  • 15 Hours p/m of Digital Hours
  • 3 Page Onsite per month
  • 900 Words of content
  • 1-2 Backlink Per Month
  • 1x Landing Page Optimisation
  • 2 Hours Consultation
  • Client Portal
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  • 30 Hours p/m of Digital Hours
  • 4 Page Onsite per month
  • 1500 Words of content
  • 2-3 Backlink Per Month
  • 1x Landing Page Optimisation
  • 3 Hours Consultation
  • Client Portal
  • 1 Monthly Blog
  • Call Tracking - 1 Number
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  • 45 Hours p/m of Digital Hours
  • 5 Page Onsite per month
  • 2000 Words of content
  • 3-4 Backlink Per Month
  • 2x Landing Page Optimisation
  • 4 Hours Consultation
  • Client Portal
  • 2 Monthly Blog
  • Call Tracking - 2 Numbers
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  • 60 Hours p/m of Digital Hours
  • 5 Page Onsite per month
  • 2500 Words of content
  • 4-5 Backlink Per Month
  • 3x Landing Page Optimisation
  • 4 Hours Consultation
  • Client Portal
  • 3 Monthly Blog
  • Call Tracking - 3 Numbers
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Go ahead with a 12 month campaign by January 30th and we’ll add one month worth of free work up to value of $2495.00 however you see fit!

* Monthly Price + GST

** Content SME will guarantee a set percentage of the agreed target keywords will have reached the first page of Google before the campaigns end or will continue to work for free after the campaigns end until that percentage KPI is met.

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